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An Introduction

An arena which was once seen as the preserve of banks and insurance companies is now being entered by regular corporates . Over the last few years Mody & Mody has acted in hybrid issues for banking and financial institutions including Public Sector Undertakings in India.

Our growth has come by understanding clients' problems and solving them with a strategic combination of legal, practical and analytical skills. As we proceed in a new millennium marked by dramatic advances in technology and the expansion of international business into new markets, we are well-positioned to provide legal services that meet the changing needs of our clients on a 24/7 basis.

Among our lawyers are people with different talents and approaches to the law. Yet they also possess striking similarities, starting with the ability to see creative solutions others might miss. Our lawyers do not get satisfied until they have met the highest standards of legal service. In every area of the law, we focus on achieving results that help your business.

What differentiates the team of lawyers at Mody and Mody is that they are more than just technical experts in their field. They have an enthusiasm for every aspect of their life, which together with their drive for self development, means that they are always ready to contribute their best in whatever they are taking part.